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GPRS system in MP to check PDS pilferage

map mp 300x216 GPRS system in MP to check PDS pilferageOn Tuesday, Madhya Pradesh government has taken a decision to check PDS pilferage of food grains.

However to give the result for it Govt. decided to install Global Positioning System (GPS) instruments, a space-based satellite navigation system that provide information on specific location and time also.

The developer of this system is Unites States defence department. They developed it for military navigation in 1973. Read more

Green signal to Project near HPCL chembur: Ministry of Environment and Forests

In 2008, at Chembur the Project near Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) refinery had been passed out after considering environmental hazards and pollution by an experts’ appraisal committee.

But in this year, the residential-cum-commercial complex is being the major subject between the state and the courts.

However, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) had submitted a confidential report in which it informed major chances of security threat to the refinery and also health hazards from emission of toxic fumes.

Once again the issue regarding the Project construction is blowing up and HPCL challenging it. Read more

Prime Minister and Group C employees may come under Lokpal Bill

The please and displease on Lokpal Bill has no clear definition. On Sunday, Anna Hazare started his fast and demanding a strong Lokpal bill. And today rumour is that.

The conflict between govt. and Anna Team regarding inclusion of Group –C and Group – D employees in Lokpal may be solved because there may be chances of acceptance of demand for Group-C in Lokpal by Govt.

The source said, “There is the possibility of including the prime minister in the Lokpal’s ambit with certain conditions, and also group C employees.” Read more

India may face economic downfall, slash in Jobs

The Finance minister, Pranabh Mukhrjee’s worry regarding slow downing economic scale is going to be realty, because expansion of inflation rate, global uncertainties and slow fall in stock markets. All such are the threats for economic slowdown and as resulting of jobs cut.

However, from the August month of this year, the flow of India’s industrial economy is unbalanced. It was fall 1.9% in September and expected to be fallen to minus 5.1% in October.

Such slowdown is come from the biggest fall in the capital goods as well as in the manufacturing sector and mining. The capital goods growth is at minus 25% while manufacturing activity has declined to minus 6% from 2.1% a month ago. Read more

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