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Heavy snowfall in UK, affects flights from India

From last two days, the weather atmosphere of Britain has gone to adverse. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold blocked the transportation in Britain and people of the cities in their homes.

Such horrible icy conditions have died more than hundreds of people. The homeless population has frozen to death and also due to lived in unheated apartments and fire escapes shelters.

As per French authorities, the numbers of death due to horrible cold has brought to at least 306 across Europe. All the transportation services have been grappled due to heavy snow falls. Roads are blocked as covered with snow layers. Read more

Pakistan observes Kashmir Solidarity Day today

Today is observing as the Kashmir Solidarity day in Pakistan which has marked as the day since 1990 while the situation was more dangerous and critical and the international community under the resolutions of United Nations Security Council had promised the people of Kashmir to self determining their right of birth.

Highlighting that day, Pakistan govt. expressed solidarity to pay homage to Kashmiris of Indian controlled territory, who lost their lives in their struggle to get rid of New Delhi’s rule.

As per support resulting from shared interest of Pakistan govt., President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani will address the joint session of the AJK Legislative Assembly and the Council that will be held in Islamabad. Read more

Breaking News: 48 people feared killed in Syria

During an assault by regime forces in the central flashpoint of Homs, within 24 hours 200 peoples had died overnight Friday.

And now as per the source report, 48 more victims are killed in the violence in Syria in the middle of growing outrage following a “massacre” in the protest city of Homs. These included 18 soldiers and six army deserters.

Later a day while security forces opened fire on mourners at funerals of people who were killed, other 12 civilians’ deaths along with causalities of thirty injured people in the Damascus suburb Daraya had happened due to violent fact.

A member of the Local Coordination Committees (LCC), a protest group said, “Security agents were deployed en masse in Daraya… They opened fire indiscriminately on the funerals leaving 12 dead and a great number injured.” Read more

More than 70 people killed in Egypt football violence

A big tragedy has happened while clashes came out between rival football fans in the city of Port Said.

As per source report, during a match on Wednesday between top-tier clubs al-Masry and al-Ahly in which Port Said club al-Masry won 3-1, an al-Ahly fan raised a banner insulting supporters of the al-Masry team that create all the protested incident. As a counter attack, al-Masry fans came out on the pitch attacking al-Ahly players and fans.

Just few hours, the atmosphere converted into tense situation as part of the stadium was set on fire. Around 74 people died and hundreds more were injured in this clash incident. Read more

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