Central Govt. to give Islamabad all evidence soon

 Central Govt. to give Islamabad all evidence soon

Northeast Exodus 150x150 Central Govt. to give Islamabad all evidence soon Amid controversy on rumours of incidents of violence that allegedly sourced from Pakistan, put out panic led to exodus of Northeast, Pakistan demanded India to give evidence regarding this after that it would allow to interfere.

Now as per neighboring country, Central govt ready to give all details lead to inflammatory and morphed images uploaded on social media from Pakistan to created religious riots.

Talking with his counterpart Rehman Malik via telephone, Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde conveyed that India would share with Islamabad all evidence of Pakistani social media groups to spread false content and rumourious stories that resulted panic and communal riots in India, reports said.

“We will share [all evidences] with them,” Mr. Singh stated a statement.

A total of 245, around 89 websites has blocked by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEIT) on which false messages, pictures and videos uploaded on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube across the border. More focus is on Pakistan-based militant group such as Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence seems to be behind this.

But still govt. not blame to anyone without specific proof, while Indian intelligence agency has been investing the matter, Mr. Singh told reporters, “You do not know who is behind it…to say or to deny that a particular organisation was or was not linked with anyone is difficult. But some photographs have names of one or two organisations.”

Further added, “We have been working with international social networking sites… However, a lot more and quicker action is expected from them to address such a sensitive issue.”


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