DNA screening to help choose life partners

DNA screening 150x150 DNA screening to help choose life partnersAs per latest reports, in upcoming future period, people will able to see their future lovers’ compatibility and choose their life partners on their genetic compatibility via DNA testing.

As per Professor Armand Leroi, British scientist of Imperial College London, the falling cost of DNA testing would be common for young people to pay to read their entire genetic code within five or 10 years.

Reports said, if any couple wants to know information about their babies with incurable diseases and wants to stop them, then they could use IVF that helps to see the genetic blueprint of their long term partner and stop genetic diseases.

Talking to reporters, Professor said, in some ways eugenics are already here, with tens of thousands of unborn babies with Down’s syndrome and other illnesses being aborted every year.

“Many of the ethical problems that people raise when they speak of neo-eugenics are nought once you offer gene selection or mate selection as a eugenic tool,” he added in his statement.

However peoples has not worry about its cost as rapid fall from $1 billion more than a decade ago to about $4,000 and results very, very accessible, very, very soon’ genetic sequencing for people, especially well established in European countries.

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