Don’t ignore, it’s “World Oral Health Day”

World Oral Health Day 150x150 Don’t ignore, it’s “World Oral Health Day”People from all parts of like are always very careful about their looks, their hairstyle and dresses. Same way, dental health is very important issue for all. There are very simple ways for better oral hygiene.

The best way is to chewing sugar-free gum after a meal. In fact, experts said that ignorance is the main cause of oral problems.

According to the study conducted by the Indian Market Research Bureau [IMRB] shows that just 47% of total treatments received are by dentists, and big number of people just consults to chemists and general practitioners.

Interestingly, the study also showed that around half of Indians do not use toothbrush or toothpaste every day. Only 28% people admit that they brush twice a day and 34% said that brushing once a day is good enough.

Shockingly, 65% said that they have no information that eating habits could cause dental problems.

Talking to media, senior consultant, Department of Dentistry, Max Health Care, Ajay Sherma said, “Only a handful of people across the country take oral healthcare seriously. For the most part, Indians only approach a dentist when faced with a crisis, and usually only after they turn 40. Then, they blame dentists for expensive and prolonged sessions.”

He said, “Lack of awareness on dental care is a serious issue in India. The government should set up primary health care centres in rural areas to promote oral hygiene.”

Further, Anupama Dhawan, a consultant dentist who works at a clinic in Preet Vihar, east Delhi said, “Oral care is important, but many take it for granted. It is important because the mouth is where the digestive system begins. People fail to understand the intimate connection between oral health and overall health. The mouth is the starting place for keeping bacteria out, and it should be properly maintained. The use brick powder and neem sticks just won’t serve the purpose.”

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