Ex-wife of Former Haryana CM, Fiza’s death a mystery

A tragedy occurred in a twisted love story, Fiza, who got fame and name after getting married with former Haryana deputy chief minister, Chander Mohan, , was found dead at her home in sector 48 of Panchkula on the outskirts of Chandigarh on Monday morning.

Her death is a mystery as Fiza alias Anuradha Bali who changed her religion, accepted Islam is allegedly committed suicide and her body was found by her paternal uncle in a decomposed state, hanging from the ceiling fan. It has indicated that she may have died at least 3-4 days back, the police said.

But still it is not clear that the case is of suicide as no suicide note has been found in the body. It is expected that Fiza had been under much depression since she separate from Mohan and may be killed hersolf.

After being divorced from Chander Mohan over the phone and through SMS, Fiza was living alone in the house, her mother and father had passed away earlier. According to source, Chander has dismissed to have contact with Fiza as he was not in touch with her ever since divorced her.

Fiza, a former Assistant Advocate General of Haryana, left her job to marry Chander Mohan in December 2008 as his ex-wife. Mohan had already married to Seema Bishnoi and had three children. Both had converted to Islam to tie knot, but their marriage life period was only just one month as Mohan left Fiza’s house and had gone in London.

A twist came when Mohan divorced Fiza over the phone in February 2009. Even Haryana’s deputy chief minister had paid cost of his controversial marriage by his post.

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