Fresh Ray of Hope for terminal Heart Patients

Heartmate II 150x150 Fresh Ray of Hope for terminal Heart PatientsGood news for terminal heart patients, now they can enjoy more their precious life with qualitative life periods which could be increased with help of newest pumping device, Heartmate II, promising rest to the worn-out heart.

With a latest technological Heartmate II, facilitates heart’s pumping function along with “starts remodeling itself”, the patient those at the last stage, waiting for a heart transplant or we can say terminal heart patients, can enjoy their life more for 8-10 years as like normal without any complications .

Heartmate II which is surgically planted between the chest and upper abdomen is powered by a battery and is connected to a monitor worn outside the body that controls the blood flow. It can be implanted in patients of any age, but is given usually to patients who are 50-plus, reports said.

Meanwhile, this fantastic titanium device which have given amazing successive results across the world, is now in India, promising Indian patients a successive, but not artificial, heart alternative which is quiet expensive.

“The patient lives longer and the quality of life is better,” India-born, US-based cardiac surgeon and health economist Mukesh Hariawala told reporters.

Over all implantation procedure would take 90 minutes to two hours and results in reduction of the pumping load, enable patients to move about, climb stairs and his/her endurance increases.

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