India will be the new Associate Member of CERN

CERN 150x150 India will be the new Associate Member of CERNWith an attempt to boost its science field, India is seeking associate membership of the World best ‘god particle’ discovering group, European Organisation of Nuclear Research (CERN).

Just after applying this move to be part of CERN, Large Hadron Collider (LHC) largest contributing group, all the opportunities comes under India’s science as scientist will be able to participate on big experiments as well as other developing programmes of CERN.

Meanwhile, along side with science, Industrial sector will also push up with a high rate of growth, achieving technical capabilities with a voting right to participate in bids and projects of CERN with an annual contribution of 10 million Swiss Francs to CERN.

In 2002, India became an ‘Observer’ at CERN Council, and after becoming associate member, Indian scientists will be able to apply for as CERN staff members which will be for limited duration, hitting a biggest revolution phase.

“We had submitted a proposal to the government some time back. It has been accepted in principle and awaiting budget approval,” Particle physicist Atul Gutru who was with experiments at CERN to discover Higgs-Boson told reporters.

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