Iran touts local alternative to Google as Ban rankles

Google 150x150 Iran touts local alternative to Google as Ban rankles Very soon, Iran would launch an alternative to Google and Gmail e-mail service, following several complaints over disruption of media and official newspapers over banning on US based largest search engine.

Iran is seeking to establish local alternatives: the Fakhr (“Pride”) search engine and the Fajr (“Dawn”) e-mail services, in a move to completely took out international Internet, Western values promotional tool, report said.

Amid anti-Islamic ‘Innocence of Muslim’ film violent and deathful row, Tehran had ordered to ban on Google while Google refused to stop distributing it on YouTube.

Reacting over Google’s decision, Iran where numbers hit 32 million Internet users, a total of 75 million, only blocked Gmail, not the search engine whole as per court orders, report added.

Meanwhile, stopping of Gmail and other services like YouTube and Facebook, left the work of whole country affected as disruption of pro-government newspapers seeking ways to run out of the blocks.

“Some problems have emerged through the blocking of Gmail,” Hussein Garrousi, an official of a parliamentary committee told reporters.

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