Israeli Embassy Car Blast: Delhi Police yet to find any lead

A big threatening point has put on the fact of Indian security after the car bomb blast took place just a few distances away from the Prime Minister’s residence on Monday.

In the car that was targeted, an Israeli diplomat’s wife who was sit in a Embassy’s Innova car was sit along with other 4 ministers that were injured.

Israel and Iran, both are playing ugly blame game regarding attack. But Indian investigators have conducted overnight raids yesterday in Delhi, especially in South Delhi and Connaught Place areas.

They have detained that the two red bikers planted the bomb on the Israeli embassy car may have been of Indian origin. One of two suspected bikers has found to be a harmless courier boy. Security agencies believe that bikes were of stolen from near local place, may be of Lado Sarai area in South Delhi.

The left over materials of explosives found in the car are being tested at a forensic lab and it is expected that the bomb that was used may also have been made locally. Such type of sticky bomb has been easy to assemble and carry it.

Though red bikes has caught by the police, but still police is failed to get any leads regarding suspected, even security cameras in the area were failed to capture the biker’s face. Police claimed that only 250-300 gms of RDX were used in bomb and it was a low-intensity blast.

However to get more evidence and clues, the central agencies have got in connection with their counterparts in both Bangkok and Georgia, and tries to investigate from people of these nations where blasts were hit around the same time.

One thing also cleared by Delhi Police sources that the bomber was not specifically targeted the Israeli diplomat’s wife. Their main motive was to create maximum damage as targeting the Jewish state. They wanted to target anyone of Embassy who was in the car.

Meanwhile any specification over the attack has made after the CFSL’s detailed report will be released. But sticky bomb attack that happened for the first time in India has become a major cause of concern for investigators and security agencies.

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