Kabul fight ends after 18 hours, 36 militants killed: Afghanistan govt official

Fight of insurgency in Kabul ended after 18 hours of toughest situational big fighting period during which, Afghan security official source said, Thirty-six insurgents were killed and one arrested in the Afghan capital.

One who was behind this 18-hour assault was the Haqqani, a Pakistani group of terrorism that violent the three cities with joining hands to the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

This 18-hour serial of coordinated blasts that killed eight policemen, army and intelligence service and 3 civilians, many to injured, proved that Taliban and their supporters are well trained and capable of beating the security challenge facing Pakistan government troops.

However still Pakistan enclave is in hands of NATO forces, but in 2014 they will draw their position.

During Monday assaults, Kabul targeted with blasts, deep dark smoke, noised with gunfire through the top of buildings where insurgents stood up and firing continuously. Parliament building, US, German, British embassies and Afghan government buildings were main targeted areas.

Haqqani is a terrorist’s network group that deals with around 10,000 terrorists and gives training to them for insurgency.

Source said that Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesman of Taliban said “One terrorist who was arrested in Nangarhar province confessed, saying `It was the Haqqani network that launched these attacks.”

A per him, planning had been made for two months ago to show the insurgency’s potency after NATO officials called the Taliban weak.

“The terrorists tried to harm the process of transferring security to the Afghan forces, but they are not able to do it,” he added, “They want to create fear among the people.”

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