Megastorm Sandy hit’major disaster’, 18 dead, millions Americans in darkness

Megastorm once-in-a-lifetime cyclone Sandy triggered the north-eastern US and Canada, following Hurricane with heavy rainfall, hitting dreadful disaster with death of 16 people and affected 50 millions the whole.

New York New York and New Jersey coastline are the major disastrous affected locations have gone stop, turned into darkness, leaving 7.5 millions awoke in house without power.  New Jersey where major residents are of Indians have locked by car, train and air due to unprecedented 13-feet long sea wave in New York City, hitting total estimated loss of USD 10 billion to USD 20 billion.

As per media information, Sandy storm hit from Monday near Atlantic City, New Jersey with strong rain fall and still carry on taking the whole US in its disastrous affect , even the New York Stock Exchange shut for two days, for the first time in 108 years’ history and  President Barack Obama declared it a “major disaster”.

Sandy which moved on towards US Eastern Seaboard from the Caribbean killed 69 people, most of them in Haiti. Report also said that Lower Manhattan, the head of finance of the U.S., is the top most affected areas by seawater’s 14-foot surge, flooding the areas along with hit out highways and Wall streets with cut of power.

The embarrassing situation was erupted while around 200 patients evacuated in New York University’s Tisch after its backup generator failed. Reports said that about 20 babies from the neonatal intensive care unit were carried on battery-powered respirators and carried to ambulances to other hospitals.

“Water level is rising in the intake structure due to a combination of a rising tide, wind direction and storm surge. It is anticipated water levels will begin to abate within the next several hours,” the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission told reporters, adding to issued an alert at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, a free federal aid have released for those who lost homes or businesses nu Obama Administration as around 11,000 people left their homes and went on street, spent  night across 16 states.

One Sandy’s hit is of US Presidential Election Campaigns by both Mitt Romney and Obama which has cancelled due to disaster.

Moreover, an alert of emergency has issued in New York , New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and West Virginia the most hit-areas, recording death tolls.

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