Myanmar Elections: Aung San Suu Kyi ‘victory of the people’

It has been reported that Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi who had struggled from 22 last years as spent crucial time by locked under house arrest, had won a seat in Parliament for the first time.

A global icon, Kyi succeed to mark a “victory of the people”, tagged the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

While she elected to Parliamentary by polls elections on Sunday, supporters of her National League for Democracy (NLD) party declared that her entry will mark a major turning point in a nation still emerging from a ruthless era of military rule.

Hitting a historic victory across her non-violent democracy ruling for a quarter-century, for a free Myanmar, Ms. Kyi appreciated party’s happiness, “But words, behaviour and actions that can harm and sadden other parties and people must be avoided completely. I would like all NLD members to ensure that the victory of the people is a dignified victory,” she added.

In her speech, she declared to mark a dramatic reversal in the political fortunes of the veteran activist and all political power went in hand of military.

One of the world‘s most prominent prisoners of conscience, Kyi observed to change Mynamar’s civilian govt. she said, “Even the most repressive regimes can reform, and even the most closed societies can open.”

“We need hospitals and clinics. We need change in months, not years. The junta never did much here. We have relied on ourselves, as if we were on our own,” she further said.

Poll watchers have reported that results within Suu Kyi’s party, recorded victory of at least 43 of the 44 Parliament seats it had contested.

However result’s confirmation by the government’s electoral commission must be needed, which has yet to release any outcome this week.

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