Nitin Gadkari: I’m opting out of race for BJP President Post to save party

According to latest political news from national capital, New Delhi, the BJP President Nitin Gadkari has announced that he is opting out of the race for the post of BJP President for a second time.

Nitin Gadkari said that he does not want the charges of financial impropriety levelled against him to adversely affect the party’s interest.

In his written statement, Nitin Gadkari said, “I have committed no wrong or any impropriety either directly or indirectly. Yet, the UPA government has been making an effort to spread disinformation about me in order to hurt me and my party. I have always said that I am willing for any independent inquiry.”

Meanwhile, Nitin Gadkari is facing charges of corruption of his Purti Power and Sugar Limited and not returing the excess land granted to the factory.

He further said, “I do not wish that this should in any way adversely affect the interests of BJP. I have, therefore, decided not to seek a second term as the president of BJP.”

Nitin Gadkari promised to fight the UPA Government ‘efforts’ against him. He said, “I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues and the cadres of BJP who have cooperated with me during my term as a president. I shall continue to serve my party as a committed worker.”

Further, he told media that he has decided to withdraw from the BJP President Post race for the second time. He, however, cleared that he have noting to do with the corruption charges against him and he will come clean form all such charges.

He said, “There was a continuous effort to defame BJP. It was a political challenge to me when allegations were levelled against me and I decided that there should be a probe into such allegations. Unless my name is cleared, I have decided not to be in this post. So, I decided not to contest for the second term.”

Gadkari added, “The probe will go on and I am sure that I will come out clean. I have nothing to do with corruption. I am sure I will come out clean. I myself decided to withdraw, so that there are no allegations against the party.”

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