Raj Thackeray threatens to Maha Home Minister in public

Once again MNS Chief Raj Thackeray hits headlines for his vitriolic speeches after daring the state’s Home Minister and senior NCP leader RR Patil in the presence of police.

While addressing a rally in Kolhapur in Maharashtra, reports said,T hackeray has openly threatened to harm Home minister’s family if he would not stop to come in the way of MNS workers’ interest.

He alleged that Patil government has threatened his workers to stop setting up party offices across the state.

“Your workers threaten my workers and their families. I am saying this in front of you (people) and police. If you threaten in the future and stop us from setting up offices, I will also threaten your family. I don’t like theatrics. If someone threatens you (crowd) smash him and move forward,” Thackeray said while addressing a huge gathering, sources said.

Atleast 89 cases registered against Raj across the country for his anti-migrant speeches against north Indians, but Thackeray promised to continually “speak in the interest of Marathi people whether the government likes it or not”.

It is impossible to stop MNS chief, no problem whether file cases against him or not or whichever government is in power in the state, as per Thackeray who has raised more legal trouble for himself.

Meanwhile, NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik denied all allegations of Thackeray for threatening the MNS workers and told reporters, “The Home Minister of the state does not threaten people. In fact he takes action against those who threaten others.”

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