Rhino Shield promises to make your tablet invincible

Kickstarter is at it again. Users of the crowd funding site are busy reinventing the world, one consumer product at a time. This time, it’s unbreakable screen protectors.

A protector only a hair thicker than a regular screen shield (around 0.028 cm vs. 0.02cm) can guard against kitten scratches, hammer blows and, yes, the odd drop on to a hard surface.

A group of scientists in Cambridge in the UK have come up with the innovative formula, and are now seeking the world’s support. Read on for more about their product.

The name ‘Rhino Shield’ has popped up before: an innovative ceramic coating for houses, guaranteeing you’ll “never have to paint again”.

Evolutive Labs’ mobile device shield does not use ceramics, though, instead opting for a custom polymer exceptionally capable in the shock dissipation, scratch-reduction and oleophobic (fingerprint-avoiding) department. It’s 95% transparent, which puts it roughly equal with standard screen protectors.

Regardless of your hardware, Evolutive Labs are trying to make sure you’re covered. Prices start at £12 (smartphones, one side only) and run up to £20 (tablets, front and back), and shipping is free within the UK. Currently, the selection of tablets supported is small, but Evolutive Labs say they’re quite happy to custom-make Shields using their laser-cutting facility to fit other manufacturers’ latest tablets (which come with 7” or 10.1” screens).

We got in contact with Evolutive Labs’ founder, Cambridge PhD candidate Eric Wang, with a few questions of our own.

What brought you together to develop Rhino Shield?

“It’s actually my weekend project, I’m a Material Science student. A lot of my friends were asking me if there was anything that could protect their phone or tablet screens from shattering. I thought it might be interesting.”

Can you tell us about your process up to launch?

“I started with a mathematical model to find the design criteria. Based on this, we attempted to make several polymers and select the best one for the job. We also built all of our equipment ourselves to keep the cost down. You can see some of it on our Facebook fan page.”

Post-launch, what are your hopes for Rhino Shield?

“Firstly, we want to sell some! But most importantly, I want to make Rhino Shield better. Thinner, with the same impact absorption. I’m still trying to figure out a way to do this.”

If you only had ten words to pitch Rhino Shield to customers, how would you phrase them?

“I’m a terrible salesperson. You should ask our sales director!”


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