RSS chief echoes VHP’s Ayodhya Resolution; Jaswant says BJP endorsement not yet

Stressing more over the Ayodhya issue , the VHP who announced to the construction of the Ram temple, has faced opposition by BJP senior leader Jaswant Singh who against the propensity to use the issue as the party’s electoral platform.

Calling BJP Chief Rajnath Singh’s approval on Ayodhya at Maha Kumbh as ‘personal endorsement’, Jaswant Singh said that still wait is of party endorsement.

“Ayodhya is something that the two communities must sit together and resolve or the court should resolve it. I don’t see any third way,” Singh said, source said.
Asking about using Ayodhya as a weapon for election campaign, Mr. Singh told reporters that BJP did not have need Ayodhya issue for election campaign.

Moreover, one side Mr. Jaswant against the Ram Temple endorsement, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat announced his endorsement to VHP’s call on Ayodhya, describing it as a “national identity.”

Mr. Bhagwat who has joined Maha Kumbh with other party members, be part of VHP’s Dharm Sansad at the mela.

“It is like a movement to establish the identity of the country and we have to establish it,” Bhagwar told reporters.

The VHP’s central advisory committee meeting is ongoing at Mela in presence of its top leaders and 10,000 sadhu-sants.

VHP has passed a resolution for the construction of a Ram Temple at Ayodhya, and demanded to be passed in the monsoon session of Parliament.

It warned that if the government not act in this regard, the “Hindu Samaj” to launch a massive agitation against it.


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