‘Modi- for-PM’ resonates at Maha Kumbh with VHP, RSS nod

‘Modi-for-PM’ the most awaiting and chanting issue has get nod from VHP and the RSS openly in the presence of 10,000 sadhu-sants at the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, joining by BJP Chief Rajnath Singh.

In the Dharm Sansad held by VHP, the prospects of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to be projected as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate gained huge support of the saints, shouted slogans of “Modi laao, desh bachao”.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat also finally announced his endorsement to Modi for PM candidature and said, “The demand for Modi to become PM is not only being made here, but it is also happening all over the country. Those responsible for this will have to consider it,” sources said.

“And that is why we should not interfere in what should be done. They (BJP) will have to take a decision on what is to be done….. Whatever we may say, those who should do it, it is their right. We should allow them to do it. If what they do comes out wrong, then we should let them eat the fruits as well,” he further added.

RSS chief’s decision also However, he said the party will be responsible for the consequences of its decision.

Echoing RSS Chief’s decision, VHP led prominent saint Vasudevacharya of Ayodhya said that Neither UPA, nor NDA “We want Modi.”

The saints who are attending the Dharma Sansad hope that Modi’e elevation will on their way for the construction of a grand Ram temple at Ramjanmbhoomi.

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