Solar Paint to brighten your home

 Solar Paint to brighten your home

The solar system is helpful in many application of electricity, but now it is possible to generate power with “solar paint.

This invention has been conducted by the team of the University of Notre Dame researchers in the U.S. The research led by chemistry professor Prashant Kamat who is an Indian origin in US, in Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology.

By using “solar paint” on the outside walls of a house, one can generate electricity from sunlight. “Solar paint” uses semi conducting nanoparticles to produce energy and this can be used to power the appliances and equipment.

While interacting with Media, Kamat said, “By making use of recent advances in semiconductor nanocrystal research, we have now developed a one-coat solar paint for designing quantum dot solar cells.”

It has been published in an American Chemical Society’s journal ACS Nano that Solar Paint is based on nano-sized particles of titanium dioxide coated with either cadmium sulfide or cadmium selenide, that were suspended in a water-alcohol mixture to create the binder-free paste.

And when this paint will apply on surface then large surfaces will turn into solar cells.

However this product has been named by the scientists as “Sun-Believable Solar Paint.”

“When the paste was brushed onto a transparent conducting material and exposed to light, it created electricity. If we can improve the efficiency somewhat, we may be able to make a real difference in meeting energy needs in the future “, says a statement by the Notre Dame University.

On the basis of report, the cost of using this paint may be made at very lower rate. The team of Notre Dame Researchers would prove themselves by conducting current silicon-based solar technology and next they are trying to make efforts for improving the stability of the new material.


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