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“Players’ biggest action movie I’ve ever done.” Abhishek Bachchan

Players Hindi Movie Wallpapers 300x224 “Players biggest action movie Ive ever done.” Abhishek BachchanThe junior Bachchan is now trying all the aspects to make the promotions of his soon-to-be-released action film ‘Players’. The film is directed by Abbas Mustan, and the lead actor of the film, Abhishek Bachchan said that there has been a lot of fun to shoot.

Talking to media, Abhishek Bachchan said, “It was a wonderful experience. Abaas-Mustan wrote a brilliant script and have made a lovely movie. Players is a masaledaar entertainer.”

Earlier, there were gossips in media that the film is the remake of ‘The Italian Job’, and now that actor confirms, he said, “It’s a remake of The Italian Job. I play Charlie in it. Of course, Abbas-Mustan have added several things to the script so that the movie suits the Indian sensibility.” Read more

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