US Polls: Obama, Romney camps hit final push to finish

 US Polls: Obama, Romney camps hit final push to finish

As early morning all the U.S. polling centres opened today and voters started to cast their vote that will decide who will stand for next term in the White House, both rival camps- Democrat and Republican- have started to claim own victory ahead of elections result.

One-third of the voters around more than 30.5 million has already cast their ballots of early today’s elections either by mail or in person, and polling indications showed that Barack Obama, who cast his vote with First Lady Michelle Obama, has ahead of his rival Mitt Romney.

Report said that the contest is very close and both rivals are on close fight for US Next Presidential Election as both put their last effort in their campaigns, calling conference and claimed to hit voting with their victory.

Now eyes are set on 270 number of Electoral College votes of each states, the crucial and most important for both camps to get maximum votes for become the next President. And source said that as per latest tally of votes, Obama has 201 Electoral College Votes, while Mitt Romney has 191 votes.

As per over all details, Obama lead ahead of Romney with three points as more than 50 % voters in favour of Obama, while just 35 % Romney and remain are undecided. Obama maintained a 4% point lead in Ohio, while Romney led by 1% in Florida.

Among the swing states, Florida, Iowa , Ohio and Wisconsin are the crucial which will decide the win of elections on Tuesday. However, but more chances are going in side of Obama as it is expected that Obama’s anti-outsourcing ads, biggest enemy of India, may favoured Obama win swing states like Ohio.

Ipsos pollster Julia Clark told reporters, “Obama only needs a couple of these swing states and the data suggests that he’ll win one or two of them.”


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