Uttar Pradesh has 60pct vacant posts in police

The reports have said that Uttar Pradesh has more than 60 percent vacant positions in states police force s compared to the country average of 25 percent. The ratio is so high even as the Uttar Pradesh reports highest number of crime cases in the country.

At this time, number of murder and atrocities cases against the Schedules Castes (ST) in the state is very high. Reports have said that the UP Police forces have 1,49,168 personnel out of the 3,68,260 sanctioned posts as on January 1, 2011.

Further, 22,87,799 cases, including 4401 of murder, were registered in only UP state, which is the highest number of crime cases in any other state in the country.

Records have said that the state has the highest 6,272 cases of crime against SCs out of a total of 32,712, which is around 19.2 percent of the total crimes as recorded in the country in 2010.

Till 1 January 2011, India has 25 percent vacancy in its all police forces, including 5,01,069 vacant posts against the total sanctioned strength of 20,64,370 posts.

In the meantime, other state of the country who have failed to fill the vacent posts in their state police forces are Andhra Pradesh (31 percent) with only 90,503 police personnel against the sanctioned posts of 1,31,099 posts, Bihar (28 percent vacant) — 62,500 police posts against the sanctioned strength of 85,939 posts and Gujarat (27 percent) — 64,376 police posts as compared to the sanctioned strength of 87,877 posts.

Moreover, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh too had said, “No system or structure can be better than the people who man it.”

Prime Minister was talking while addressing the conference of Chief Ministers on internal security. He said, “It is, therefore, important that we find ways and means of improving not just the number but also the quality of our police personnel.”

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