1984 Anti-Sikh Riots: Conspiracy to target Sikhs

Once again the pain of what happend in 1984 had comes alive, when the case is reopened against Congress leader Sajjan Kumar and five others, CBI called it a “clear conspiracy” to target Sikhs.

Concluding its final arguments in the trial of 1984 case, CBI confirmed a nexus between the police and local politicians” to large conspiracy behind it against Sikh Genocide, media reports said.

“The nature and extent of crime, protection to the perpetrators, disappearance of evidence and non-registration of cases show that there was a vast network and a larger conspiracy behind it,” CBI Special Prosecutor B S Cheema told reporters.

Kumar was the then Delhi MP was the prime accused behind the killings, ordering the shootout of Sikhs on 1 November, 1984 after Indira Gandhi’s assassination, inciting violence in the Delhi Cantonment area, CBI argued.

There was no case had been registered by police over such deadly anti-Sikh riots 1984 incident which shows a conspiracy of violence against the Sikhs to turn a blind eye to the killings refused to lodge complaints.

After the assassination, on October 31 Kumar held a meeting with others, incited the mob to attack only Sikhs, which resulted a “deliberate attack” on the gurdwara on November 1 morning. Following that the Sikhs hid in the homes of their Hindu neighbours, Chemma told court as per source.

After that, on the next day of Nov 2, further order not to spare the Hindus who give shelter to the Sikhs had called by Sajjan that created a deadly violence in the country, he added.

Sajjan and five others Balwan Khokkar, Kishan Khokkar, Mahender Yadav, Girdhari Lal and Captain Bhagmal has been facing trial in 1984 Anti-Sikhs riots case. Passing two decades, yet waiting is for verdicts to be pronounced.



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