Actress Veena Malik Flying High!

Veena Malik 300x231 Actress Veena Malik Flying High!Bollywood Starlet actress Veena Malik has revealed that she love to fly planes. She is well known for her love of aviation.

Veena Malik is a kind of sporty person who is passionate for thrills and daring boldness.

Veena shares her dream to be come true she said, “Flying is like good music, it elevates the spirit and it’s an exhilarating freedom. It’s not a thrill thing or an adrenaline rush, it’s engaging in a process that takes focus and commitment. I love the machines, I love the aviation”.

She is in Australia for the shooting of Navin Batra Upcoming directorial movie “Supermodel”.

Whenever Bollywood adventures actress Veena gets free she like to spend her time by learning about aviation. This time the hotty supermodel caught at Australia Airport while getting trained by aviation team.

“Learning to fly has a lot of work, but the result was a sense of freedom and a pleasure in seeing to the safety of me and the people who fly with me when I flying plane”, says Veena.


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