After the Naomi Campbell, Veena Malik the next “Supermodel”

Veena Malik As Supermodel 300x216 After the Naomi Campbell, Veena Malik the next “Supermodel”While earning a supermodel tag it is an achievement for most catwalk beauties, Veena Malik believes that the supermodel status given to her is not exaggerated and really considers herself a supermodel.

Most controversial actress Veena Malik has grab her entry in Navin Batra Film “Supermodel” She is performing the role of a glamorous Supermodel on the line of Naomi Campbell.

Naomi Campbell is a British Model who is compared to Veena Malik, as both are established as the most recognizable and in-demand by the fashion world.

Veena’s Life as a celebrity has also gone through many phases and many controversies surrounding her.

And professionally also she is a successful model and actress and is the apt choice for the film, says the director Navin Batra.

Her body laungauge and her style and poise is that of a supermodel as is stated many times earlier by the media and this makes her the right choice.

In film “Supermodel” she will be paired opposite Indian actor and rumoured ex-flame Ashmit Patel. The 25-year-old insisted that the film titled ‘Supermodel’ would showcase the sizzling chemistry between her and Patel.

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