Nataliya Kozhenova finds her “Supermodel” Tag

Nataliya 300x268 Nataliya Kozhenova finds her “Supermodel” TagItalio-Ukrainian Model Nataliya Kozhenova just one movie old now wants to become Bollywood Supermodel.

She had recently signed a Navin Batra’s Film “Supermodel” currently she is in the Fiji for the shooting.

Nataliya said, “It’s good to be a part of Navin Batra’s movie “Supermodel”. I feel very lucky about it because it’s my second movie and I had grabbed an important role in the movie.”

Nataliya Kozhenova had played the controversial role in film Anjuna Beach now looking forward to become supermodel. She had done many modelling Assignment

Director Navin Batra Feels Nataliya is a dedicate actor. He said, “Nataliya is right apt in Bollywood and I need someone who has the potential to play the powerful role and Nataliya is the right choice for this movie.”

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