Agni-V will be tested soon, says DRDO

An explosive detonator that make successful take off of Agni-V, the 5,000-km nuclear range missile, has invented by Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL), a DRDO lab in Chandigarh.

As per report of Chief Controller R&D (Missiles and Strategic Systems) at DRDO, Avinash Chander, Agni-V is in the final phase of testing. However launching date will not be defined but it will be launched very soon. Prediction is made that Agni-V may be launched on next month.

Although the missile of having wide range capability has already spreads its affect in South Asia, now this has been tested in India by TBRL, the lab of Chandigarh city.

Chander while inaugurating a press conference at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory, he informed that the last version Agni missile that was Agni-IV that tested last year will be keep following by Agni-V that has 50 tonne weight with highest range power. Missiles like the 11,200-km Dong Feng-31A that use in warfare will make stronger by balancing the three-stage Agni-V and the two-stage Agni-IV.

However another most courageous feature of Agni-V is of having Multiple Independently-Targeted Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs) that make it more strategic ambitious missile.

Beside it, another one the 150—km range weaponised missile, Prahar will very soon inducted in the Army. This is the most cost effective missile that developed in TBRL Chandigarh.

Dr W Selvamurthy, Chief Controller (R&D), DRDO, ministry of defence, said, “This indigenous missile is very promising and precise.”

As per report, DRDO is also trying to enter in the area of laser weapons system and for this an independent Centre for Directed High Energy Weapons System will be established.

Rejecting the thought of entering the elite inter continental ballistic missile (ICBM) club as like the US, Russia and China, Chander said, “We do not need the ICBM, as we do not perceive such a threat. But Agni-V shows our capability in marching towards this way.”

All such show that in the upcoming years India will be one of the leading countries in the missile development.

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