Apple Vs Samsung: lawsuit file against S III, target Google

Apple Google war 150x150 Apple Vs Samsung: lawsuit file against S III, target GoogleApple, after winning $1 billion in infringe case against Samsung to violate patent rights of its design of iPad and iPhone, once again attack over it as hitting a suit over four more Samsung’s products, including latest launch Galaxy S III smartphone and the Galaxy S II.

In his previous legal battle, Apple hit out 17 Samsung products in list of intellectual property violation products, but after this appeal a total is to be 21 and the company requested a US federal court to file a case against South Korea giant with ending release of copied products, reports said.

Even it has also said that the company has sufficient evidence to prove its claim and already submitted documents to court on Friday.
Meanwhile, the world’s biggest Smartphone market dominant is now under the danger, but reports said that the actual tech war is between Apple and Google, the best and biggest search engine covering a large part of market share may be 68%.

Apple targeted only consumer products business, and Samsung is one which launched large number of Android devices based on copied Apple iPhone design shipped in the Google’s Android platform. So the battle is for software.


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