Apple’s Platinum Gold Plated MacBook Pro launch

A 24-carat gold-plated MacBook Pro is all set to go on sale to make finish touch n Apple’s logo designed on it with multi-colour shiny diamonds.

The newest platinum Apple MacBook Pro has launched by Computer Choppers firm.

The company has offered Apple logo based product as per customers taste and preferences -with white, yellow and rose gold as well as with copper, silver chrome and black, as per sources report.

Beside Apple product customization, Computer Choppers said to work on iMac, iPad or tablet and plate them in 24-carat gold as per customer taste.

Reports suggested that the company is also facilitating custom engravings, diamond accents on the unibody chassis and engravings. It also offers coating from Nintendo Game Controllers to iPhones and smartphones from Blackberry.

Apples Gold MacBook Pro1 Apple’s Platinum Gold Plated MacBook Pro launch

However, there is no detail about the product, but it has been said that the firm will offer the gold MacBook in three different sizes 13, 15 and 17-inch.

The ultra luxury MacBook Pro, a gold, platinum plated Apple product will be available at cost of $30,000 (Rs.16,30,200 approx) make the proud to the owner of being different from others.

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