Bulk SMSs, MMSs banned for 15 days

 Bulk SMSs, MMSs banned for 15 days

DoT Notice 150x150 Bulk SMSs, MMSs banned for 15 daysThe central government has announced to ban bulk SMS and MMS messages for next 15 days in the country in view of the migration of people from the northeast cities such as Bangalore, Pune, and now Hayderabad, after rumours that they would be attacked.

While talking to media, Union Home Secretary, Mr. R K Singh said, “We will detect those who are spreading rumours. Those responsible for the exodus from Bangalore will not go scot free.”

According to him the situation in Bangalore is under control and senior officials hold meetings with people from northeast regions.

He said, “The police commissioner and the chief minister said northeastern people are safe in Bangalore… and after the meeting, people have stopped leaving the city.”

Talking about the critical situation in Assam, RK Singh told media that 2 minor incident occured there, he said, “These were isolated incidents. The situation is fully under control in Assam and you cannot call them fresh violence. We need to investigate these matters.”

Further, rumours have spread like a fire that northeast people would be attacked after EID on August 20.

Which results 5000 students from Bangalore for Guwahati by special trains late Wednesday.


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