Car bomb attack in Baghdad, 32 people killed

A suicide bomber has killed 32 people near a funeral procession in Shia Muslim district of Baghdad on Friday.

The bomber attacked with a full explosive car that he was driving and his target point was of Police station.

As per source report, Police informed that the suicide attacker struck as mourners were carrying the body of a man who had been shot, along with his wife and son the day before by insurgents.

At least 434 people of Iraq have been killed in attacks in past few years, and in this attack at least 8 police officers were killed and more than 60 people injured.

The place of incident filled with the flesh of human being that had scattered around, and the area flooded with blood.

During the explosion the situation is so critical that the body of injured that came to hospital can not be able to understand whom body is this and who they belong to. Some persons head are blown off and some are arms and legs.

The suicide attacker went off the bomb into the market; at the time when for funeral procession the body had transferred from hospital for a tradition that followed with dead body before funeral procession. Several people along with women and children were injured while incident passed away, the explosion was so high that all the vehicles in the place were blew out by fire, and the area was filled with smoke.

However all injured has admitted to the near hospital. After the suicide attack attempted on American’s troop last month in which 17 people were killed, this recent one is the second that resulted a drastically horrible.

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