At least 55 people were killed and more than 220 wounded in several explosions across Iraq for strengthening of two months the insurgency, on Thursday.

However attacks have attempted since US forces completed their departure in late December and Thursday while bombs fixed in cars and small arms fully ensured to point target on the security troops.

Iraqis self realized that they are unsafe and live in insecure region because of a large amount of corrupts presented in the country’s security forces.

A banned vehicle can easily enter by giving a $4 bribe to a police officer and made a car blast.

As per Official report, bombings by several civilians and some schoolchildren represented the most widespread operation yet mounted by suspected Sunni insurgents who have tried for years to topple the Shia-led government in Baghdad.

They speculate that Sunni insurgents had flooded into neighbouring Syria to join the revolt against Bashar al-Assad.

An annual Arab summit meanwhile addressed in Baghdad next month and all regional officials will attempt it.

Claiming the attacks tried to represent an attempt to “flare up strife” among Iraqis, Osama al-Nujaifi, the Iraq parliament’s Speaker said, “ The assailants may have been trying to ignite fears about security to dissuade regional officials from attending an annual Arab summit scheduled to be held in Baghdad next month.”

Seeing the higher risk of more causality in upcoming period, the govt. has ordered 350 armoured vehicles worth more than $50m for officials’ personal use.

Criticizing the political leadership, assailants raised the black flag of the Islamic State of Iraq. All the Iraqis blamed that the country’s fractured political are behind Thursday’s blasts that continues to plague the country.

But there is a major sign of the involvement of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which has carried out coordinated complex attacks, though no group took responsibility for the bombings.