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Elon Musk’s private Dragon ship to land with ISS in Feb 2012

On February 7, the first mission to the International Space Station by a privately built and operated spacecraft will lift off; this has been announced by NASA.

The builder and manager of this craft is SpaceX, techbiz visionary Elon Musk’s new company. This craft will be made with Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket that use to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

In fact, the craft lift by Dragon and the Falcon 9 which all are modern designs as compare to rockets that have been used since 1970. Along this operating cost of Falcon 9 is expected to be low which lifts it. Read more

GE joins hand with Nueclear HealthCare to launch 120 molecular imaging centers

GE Nuclear HealthCare 300x216 GE joins hand with Nueclear HealthCare to launch 120 molecular imaging centersIn 2010 the American Cancer Society reported that the total economic impact of premature death and disability from cancer worldwide was $895 billion in 2008.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death of so many people. Cancer can be treated and controlled if detected early – in Stage I or Stage II and if people are having awareness and availability of early cancer detection facilities.

Now ,because of having rapid growth in the number of cancer patient in India, GE Healthcare and Nueclear Healthcare Ltd (NHL) have entering into a partnership with Thyrocare Technologies establish a network of 120 molecular imaging centers to address the rapid growth of cancer incidence in India. Read more

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