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ICT can help to resolve climate changes: Experts

report 300x191 ICT can help to resolve climate changes: ExpertsThe issue of changing the climate by adopting green practices is going ahead with the help of Information and communications technology (ICT).

While participating in the event organized by The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri), experts said that The ICT can play a major role in combating climate change by adapting more energy efficient practices like energy efficient cooling, green data centres and e-waste disposal.

Beside this, on a report release on “Sustainable Tomorrow: Harnessing ICT Potential “RK Pachauri”, a jointly made report by Teri’s Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) and The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom). Read more

Solar Paint to brighten your home

The solar system is helpful in many application of electricity, but now it is possible to generate power with “solar paint.

This invention has been conducted by the team of the University of Notre Dame researchers in the U.S. The research led by chemistry professor Prashant Kamat who is an Indian origin in US, in Notre Dame’s Center for Nano Science and Technology.

By using “solar paint” on the outside walls of a house, one can generate electricity from sunlight. “Solar paint” uses semi conducting nanoparticles to produce energy and this can be used to power the appliances and equipment.

While interacting with Media, Kamat said, “By making use of recent advances in semiconductor nanocrystal research, we have now developed a one-coat solar paint for designing quantum dot solar cells.” Read more

Kepler spacecraft finds-out 2 Earth-size planets

earth kepler 20f 300x168 Kepler spacecraft finds out 2 Earth size planetsThe most interesting discovery has been made by the NASA’s Kepler spacecraft astronomers.

On Tuesday, they had made announcement that they had discovered a pair of planets the size of Earth orbiting a distant star.

However, out of the two new planets that has been discovered, one seems to be as big as Earth and the other slightly smaller than Venus.

The astronauts declared its results in an online news conference Tuesday that the new planets are the smallest planets yet found beyond the solar system.

In their amazing discovery’s report, Astronomers said the discovery showed that Kepler could indeed find planets as small as our own and was an encouraging sign that planet hunters would someday succeed in the goal of finding Earth-like abodes in the heavens.

David Charbonneau who was a member of the team that made the observations, led by colleague Francois Fressin, said, “We are finally there.” Read more

Microsoft co-founder unveils commercial spaceship

microsoft unveils spaceship 300x187 Microsoft co founder unveils commercial spaceshipThe largest Microsoft Corporation is always known for its best services, is the world biggest software company.

Now Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft Corp is planning to launch a spaceship that is like an unmanned rocket in replace of the Space Shuttle.

However, Paul Allen who is 58 years old listed the world’s 57th-richest person with a fortune of $13.2 billion by a Forbes-Magazine. Read more


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