Archive for: February 24th, 2013

Samsung launches New iPad Mini Rival, The Galaxy Note 8.0

Just one day ahead of Mobile World Congress trade show, Samsung Electronics has sparked a competitive wave in the tech market with its announcement of to launch Apple’s iPad Mini competitive. Read more

LG Optimus G goes online for sale

Good news for those who are in wait for official launch of LG Optimus G for India as the company has made available its latest well featured device through online route. Read more

Rail Budget 2013: 100 trains to launch, Rail tariffs may hike

Amid freedom to Oil Corporation over Diesel price hike seems to put pressure on Railways which raises the chances of further hike rail tariffs in upcoming Rail Budget 2013-14. Read more

UP minister Azam Khan, least concerned with industrial development

Lucknow: Indian politico acts as a dark cave for companies which delivers top level of ‘work-in-progress’. Why? Because if a company is doing well; obviously, it is leaving less chances for the ministers to benefit from switching of “trade-friends”. A befitting situation can well be observed in a case where several companies are trying hard to cope with a SP minister at play – Azam Khan. Read more

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