Egyptians votes on Draft Constitution Referendum

Today, Egyptian all set to vote in first stage of a referendum on a draft constitution, heavily supported by Egypt President Mohammed Morsi has divided the country into two sections- opponents of the draft charter and Islamist.

Voting process in referendum will be run in two stages, under the Morsi’s decree.

More than 51 million people are to make their votes in polling which started at 8:00 am in Cairo, Alexandria and eight other provinces and is to end at 7 pm in the first round, while second round with rest of the Egyptians votes on December 22, reports said.

Amid tight security with 250,000 security personnel, unrest have sparked in Egypt when several clashes erupted between liberals and Islamists, one was in outside the mosque in Alexandria.

All the personnel of military as well as internal forces have been ordered to deploy until the results of the referendum are known.

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protested in support of Morsi’s referendum, a total Islamist based constitution, bitterly criticized by opposition and judges with mass protests.

Main opposition coalition, the National Salvation Front, announced that they are willing to take part in the referendum voting, but with “No” to boycott constitution, while judiciary also monitors it.

Just after Morsi’s decree, mass protest had erupted outside his palace in northern Cairo led to the bitter violence that forced him to cancel his controversial sweeping power decree. In the decree to assume himself sweeping power, Morsi announced draft constitution which is too Islamist that boycott the freedoms of minorities and women and the independence of the judiciary.

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