Egypt’s top court adjourns as Morsi sets date for referendum

Amid Islamist protest against Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi’s decree of granting himself sweeping power, on Saturday Morsi has set date December 15 for a referendum on a disputed draft constitution.

While the issue took in Egypt’s highest Constitutional Court on Sunday, a dispute erupted on whether to dissolve the panel or boycott, between some of the country’s top judges and the head of state, resulting adjourning of court’s work completely.

The matter could not be solved until judges could operate without “psychological and material pressure” as the next step in the standoff in the hands of the Constitutional Court, as per reports.

Meanwhile, there is no threat over Morsi’s draft constitution as those who opposed it can walk out and vote which does not impact over any withdrawal of draft as of having sweeping power .

There is the biggest legal war between Morsi and judiciary which led to the Islamist Dominated Parliament Approval.

A mixed reaction has risen in Egypt as more than 100,000 of Muslim Brotherhood supporters protest outside the Court in support of Morsi, celebrating and appreciating his decree in one of Cairo’s squares in support of the draft charter.While there are also a few thousand of Morsi’s opponents who protested in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against Morsi’s Islamist govt attempt.

Over all crises would be ended while new draft constitution has approved by the drafting assembly as per date set by president. And as soon as the next day, Morsi called Egyptians to vote.

“I pray to God and hope that it will be a new day of democracy in Egypt,” Morsi told reporters while announcing date for a public referendum on this draft charter.

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