General Pervez Musharraf spent a night in India before Kargil war, Aziz’s book claims

Once again news related to Kargil War has hit the headlines of many newspaper and News channels on February 2. After 13 years of Kargil War of India with Pakistan, it is now war of words has started between India and Pakistan.

A book, recently, released by a former Pakistani Army officer states that than General Pervez Musharrafand he spent a night in Indian Territory after crossing the Line of Control [LoC] ahead of the Kargil war.

The book is based on Pakistan’s Kargil operation and is written by a senior ISI officer and he raised questions about the conduct of the wart and General Pervez Musharraf.

Colonel Ashfaq Hussain said, “The Pakistan army crossed the LoC when Indian troops were not present in the area. The army thought that till June, the Indian troops would be unaware of the infiltration. Musharraf says Kargil was an excellent operation, but it was such an operation till the Indian forces were unaware of Pakistan’s presence.”

pervez musharraf kargil war 300x219 General Pervez Musharraf spent a night in India before Kargil war, Aziz’s book claims

General Pervez Musharraf spent a night in India before Kargil war, Aziz’s book claims

The book “Kargil operation a misadventure’ penned down by Lt General Shahid Aziz. He said that no Indian army jawans were there at the LoC.

However, Pervez Musharraf said, “There was no need to keep all informed and militarily it was a success. It exposed India’s unpreparedness. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lost the political battle.”

In reaction on this, after the claims that General Musharraf spent a night in Indian location and he entered 11 km into the Indian territory with his army group.

The former Indian Army Chief General VK Singh said, “I praise General Musharraf if he crossed the LoC to be with his soldiers. It was brave of him knowing that it would be dangerous if he came.”

On the other hand, former Army Commander Lt Gen PN Hoon (Retd) said, “Musharraf is facing charges in Pakistan. If he enters his country again he will be arrested. His claim that he crossed the LoC to be with the troops is his political game to gain favour in Pakistan.”

However, the Pakistani Army had lost so many of its troops during the Kargil war with Indian Army in 1999, but they never acknowledged the details.

Now, such talks would give some relief to their struggling democratic position but more than all, this will help to boost the sales of General Aziz’s book ‘Kargil operation a misadventure’.

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