Google celebrates Valentine’s Day, George Ferris’s birthday with two-in-one doodle

Today on Valentine’s Day special, Google is celebrating the Love day with 154th birthday of George Ferris, the man behind the original Ferris wheel.

The cutest as well as interactive doodle has been posted by Google on its homepage, showing 10 different love stories narrating with 16 characters.

Love doodle has an amusement park in the backdrop with a pair of Ferris wheels shows replace the two O’s of the word Google, while other rides are also seen in the background replacing the rest of the letters of Google with the roller coaster, the track of Go Kart ride and the Drop Tower and Merry-go-round rides.

Users can also watch love stories by just clicking button of “Love” by that the Ferris wheels rotate and a couple appears with their love story on the doodle that then appear going on dates.

Two-in-one Google Doodle, the search engine pays tribute to Ferris who is known in India as “Giant Wheel”, born on 14 February 1859 in Illinois.

Ferris also known as Father of the original ferris wheel invented for the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

George Ferris died on November 22, 1896, of typhoid fever.

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