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Google doodles India’s Republic Day

On India’s 64th Republic Day when all nations is celebrating the day of constitution, Google doodles tribute its honour to Indian by marking a tiger on the India home page. Read more

Google Doodle marks Ada Lovelace’s 197th birthday

Google Doodle Ada Lovelace 150x150 Google Doodle marks Ada Lovelaces 197th birthdayToday, as part of its tradition, Google is celebrating  the 197th birthday of the world’s first computer programmer,  Ada Lovelace-the lady who known for her work as the world’s first algorithm, on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine .

With a stylish doodle on the Google’s home page, Google is depicting the revolution of progression from old age computers to present day laptops.

On left hand side, image of Ada Byron has depicted showing herself as writing with a quill pen seated on a desk and the paper depicts her algorithm, Read more

Chandigarh KV student’s doodle wins ‘Doodle4Google’ contest

Google India has announced the winner of the contest of a ‘Doodle4Google’ for the Children’s Day this year at the Rail Museum in Delhi.

The title has won by Arun Kumar Yadav, a 9 standard student of Kendriya Vidyalaya from Chandigarh.

Now in 14 November on occasion of Children Day, birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first prime minister, the winning Doodle ‘India – A Prism if Multiplicity’ will go live on the Google’s Home page. Read more

Auguste Rodin’s 172nd birthday doodles on Google’s Home Page

The Thinker and The Kiss are two of the most famous masterpieces of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin whose 172nd birth anniversary is celebrating by Google today with its traditional Doodle homepage.

Google’s Doodle today marked with a digital Auguste’s best known works The Thinker, constructed as a bronze and marble sculpture. In the homepage, second big ‘O’ of Google represent the image of the man in sober meditation in two colours – blue and black. Read more


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