Auguste Rodin’s 172nd birthday doodles on Google’s Home Page

The Thinker and The Kiss are two of the most famous masterpieces of the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin whose 172nd birth anniversary is celebrating by Google today with its traditional Doodle homepage.

Google’s Doodle today marked with a digital Auguste’s best known works The Thinker, constructed as a bronze and marble sculpture. In the homepage, second big ‘O’ of Google represent the image of the man in sober meditation in two colours – blue and black.

Francois-Auguste-Rene Rodin is the farther of modern sculpture. He was born on November 12, 1840 in Paris and died in 1917, but his works has marked footprints after him.

The greatest portraitist in sculpture belonged to a poor working-class Parisian family and his childhood had led hard classes for him. His sister had died in 1862, and then he thought to join church. He hit with disappointment while his first work was rejected in 1864 which followed continuously, but he also remained continued to developed his characteristic sculpture.

On the same year 1864, Rose Beuret came into his life and both remained love in relationship. Shockingly after married just after a few weeks Beuret’s died in 1917 on the same year, Rodin had also died at Meudon, France.

Rodin’s best known works is ‘The Thinker’ in 1880, after that he reputated as sculpture. After that ‘The Kiss’,1886 came, it replaced his life sensuousness, depicting an embrace between a naked man and a woman.

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