Google Chromebook Pixel coming soon with full touch display

A fresh rumor is on air that Internet search giant Google is planning to release its own Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel.

As per leaked information, the new Google Chromebook will update with features of a two-colour lightbar scheme that appears when you turn the computer on.

Google future computer Chromebook Pixel will sport new animations between startups and sleep, not present in existing Chromebooks.

“Lightbar scheme” feature in upcoming Google Chromebook is expected to be the major key part of device, much biggest is of Google making its own Chromebook.

It has been said that Google own touchscreen Chromebook will be manufactured by China-based ODM, Compal.

Google’s own future computer, Chromebook ‘Pixel’ which is to be a laptop designed by Google engineers, rumored to have better touchscreen offering than most other Chromebook, is expected to come with four million pixels means a resolution of 2560 x 1700 pixels.

HP also announced last week to make its own the newest Chromebook , but it had not revealed  details of improved specs.

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