Kazmi arrested after International pressure, no connection with Bangkok

Arresting the self employed journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi by the Delhi Police Special Cell under a case of international terrorism, is now seeking to held them under a big controversy because of a strong disapproval expressed by civil society to arrest Kazami.

Forcing to endure the arrest of freelance journalist, all the representatives of Associations came together with support of ANHAD (Act Now for Harmony And Democracy) on Saturday and blamed that the International pressure led to Kazami’s arrest.

According to them, Kazmi’s arrest was made under pressure from Israel and the United States to name and implicate Iran in the case.

Several journalists and representatives of civil society presented in this federation to condemn the arrest of journalist. They all demanded Mr. Kazmi’s immediate release on bail.

“Has Mr. Kazmi been picked up on tips provided by Israeli agencies? How credible can these inputs be, given Israel‘s clear intent to condemn and implicate Iran as the source of the attack?” a statement issued on the occasion while stating the Israeli intelligence officials’ arrival to India to interrogate Mr. Kazmi.

As per IFJ (International Federation of Journalists), Kazmi may have been identified for arrest based on his political views, rather than solid evidence. Kazmi is a sound professional who did not hesitating to express his views when required.

Seeing the opposite response of IFJ, the chances of communal issue may also be raised because Kazmi is a Muslim Journalist and this issue of Police’s intense to targeted him because he was a Muslim would be create a biggest threat for govt.

Last month Delhi Police had arrest Kazmi for alleged connection in the Israeli diplomat assassination attempt. But alleging of condemn arresting of Kazmi, IFJ demands authorities to provide a full explanation of the grounds on which Kazmi has been arrested and ensure that he is given all opportunities to clear his name.

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