As per fresh report, quick arrest warrants has been issued for three Iranians having involvement in the last month explosion on an Israeli diplomat’s wife.

Police source reported, the Delhi Court has issued arrest warrants on Wednesday for three men as Housan Afshar, Syed Ali Mehdi Sadr and Mohammed Reza Abolghasemi, accused of being involved in the blast and then leaving the country immediately afterward.

An Interpol for help in identifying all the related information about the all accused, whose whereabouts are not known, will be forward by the government.

These recent arrest warrants believed to be adding the blame of Israel over the Iran to carry out the bombing magnet attack of 13 Feb. in the New Delhi on the Israel diplomat sitting innova car that assaulted the diplomat’s wife and three others ministers.

Along with New Delhi attack, Israel accused Iran for two others attack to be followed, one was on the same day in Georgia and the other the next day in Thailand.

But still Indian govt. has not indicated any implication regarding Iran involvement in attack, and said that the further investigation is to be carrying on resolving the controversy over to find actual accused one.

Earlier last week, a self employed journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmad Kazmi worked for Iranian news organizations arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell under a case of international terrorism.