Israel Embassy Car Blast case linked to Bangkok plotters

Israel Diplomat attack” in Delhi that was held on 13 February is going to reveal each day one by one controversial fact.

Recent Delhi Police linked a sticky-bomb Iranian suspect, Houshang Afshar Irani in the attack with a “Bangkok module” for another blasting in the Thailand capital.

Over past investigation period, it is for the first that Delhi Police admit the linkage of Iran in Delhi Israel Diplomat attack with “Bangkok Plotters”.

Being clarifying side point of Iran, India goes for diplomatic contact with Tehran by asking Iranian ambassador, Syed Mehdi Nabizadeh to come in New Delhi and cooperate in arresting the Iranian suspects in the February13 blast.

Irani who was regularly in touch with Sedghatzadeh Masoud, one of the “Bangkok Plloters” arrested in Malaysia, was also in connection with Urdu journalist Mohammad Ahmad Kazmi. The whole search had been found while Police tracking the phone calls between them.

As per Police report on basis of Kazmi saying, firstly Kazmi met with Mehdian when he went to Tehran in 2011 and then with Reza.
They asked him to provide assistance in India to their associates. After acceptance given by Kazmi, Mehdian met him with Irani in Delhi and then both were for the Isreali Embassy’s surrounding areas, drove on a scooty that purchased by Irani for the reccee.

Police figured out, in the “Bangkok module” that operational in Delhi was controlled by Masoud, Irani to be a main accused that attached explosives to the vehicle of the Israeli diplomat in Delhi, acted final image of blast. Mehdian with Reza, left the area before the blast while after the blast in Delhi, Irani left for Malaysia on February 13 from the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

B K Gupta, the Delhi Police Commissioner said, “The return ticket of Mehdian was booked by Kazmi. Documents to this effect have been seized from the concerned travel agency.”

For this overall assistance Kazmi was paid $5,500 along with foreign remittances both in his as well as his wife’s account as Rs 18.78 lakh has deposited in his wife’s account and Kazmi got Rs 3.8 lakh.

Moreover an NBW has got by Delhi Police against Masoud after obtained warrants against accused Iranians.

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