Eight arrested in Delhi’s five-star hotel case

Delhi police has arrested all the eight assaulters who made violent attacks on the chief security officer of a Delhi’s five-star hotel.

The attackers identified as name of Rocky, Anuj, Sandeep, Bobby, Manander, Sunder Pal, Devender and Satyawan Awana. And a complaint had already filed by Rohit Tomar, manager of Jynxxx against them to visited the club and created a ruckus as misbehaving with some guests.

Although all of them were known to victim who worked as the chief security officer of the Hilton-run Eros Hotel, but an outcome of this clash was over a girl.

As per police saying, “The injured and the accused are known to each other. They all work as bouncers in pubs and restaurants. Both the groups had an altercation over a girl earlier and the Feb 13 incident was a result of that.”

This thrashing incident was the outcome of a clash that came on 12 Feb this year when the assaulted security officer, Bhupender Nagar had been denied to enter them in the Eros’ club Jynxxx.

Eight infuriated group as they refused by officer to make entry in club, had assaulted the officer with iron rods at the gate of Surya Hotel in south Delhi’s New Friends Colony early Feb 13.

Reportedly said, the angry group followed assaulted officer while he left the hotel with his two friends. As he stopped at the gate of the Surya hotel for checking, eight men attacked on Nagar with iron rods along with his friends who were in the white Maruti Ritz car with him.

One of the victims who managed to escape from continued 30 minutes fight on gunpoint, called the police.

Moreover, 5 out of them were arrested by conducting raids at a farmhouse in the area of South Delhi where they were apprehended.

Remaining three was arrested from various parts of capital and Noida in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh.

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