Anuj Bidve Murder case: UK police offers ? 50,000 reward for info

A major development has been made by British police for investigating the “horrific” murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve. It has offered cash reward of 50,000-pound to trace the killer.

Bidve, 23, was shot by two persons while he was walking with his eight friends near their hotel in the inner-city Ordsall district of Greater Manchester on December 26.

The murder of the Indian student is treated a “hate crime” by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

The announcement of 50,000 pounds reward made by senior officers from the police force last evening that would help get the killer gunman caught as soon as possible.

Reporting to Media, Detective Chief Supt Mary Doyle said: “It is an extremely unusual, savage and motiveless attack, an absolutely horrific crime, which is why we are taking the step of issuing it (the reward) a bit earlier than we normally would.”

However the British Police had been arrested three boys, a 16-year-old boy and two 17-year-old boys that have been released on bail pending further inquiries, but two men remain in custody.

In a statement Police accepted that they were apologized to the victim’s family for delay in informing about the incident after it emerged that they learnt of his death from Facebook. The Anuj’s father, Subhash Bidve, read a post on the social networking site before officers were able to get in touch with him in India to deliver the news about his son.

Being apologized the Assistant chief constable Dawn Copley said: “A family liaison officer was quickly put in place after Anuj’s murder who made exhaustive inquiries to try and inform the family and deliver the awful news personally. Unfortunately, as the officer was attempting to contact the family through the right channels, a post was put on Facebook.”

In fact, Greater Manchester Police have had two family liaison officers in regular contact with Anuj’s immediate family. They are trying to do everything that makes help to bring the family over to Manchester as soon as possible.

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