Kolkata rape case: Should West Bengal Chief Minister apologise!

mamata banerjee 255x300 Kolkata rape case: Should West Bengal Chief Minister apologise!Mamata ruling West Bengal government is come in the critical situation after a mother of two children filed an FIR under a brutal rape with the Park Street police station.

Firstly, the Govt. called victim a rubbish, told a fake story and claimed her complains as a conspiracy to malign West Bengal government and blamed some TV channels for projecting it. A state minister questioned the morality of the victim.

Being embarrassed by govt. blame, the victim said, “The funny thing is that I have been raped, I have been assaulted, I have been victimized. And I am still being victimized.”

Although the victim was firstly mocked by police officers, but now CCTV camera footage, collected from the night club where brutal rape attempted, shows the victim was indeed telling the truth. The police said that she was raped at gunpoint as she claims.

Four days ago, the mother of two children filed an FIR against the five accused who allegedly raped her.

As per woman, one person in the presence of others raped her and overall incident happened in a car at gunpoint in Park Street while she was returning from a night club.

Although she claimed that one of them was Lavi Gidwani, and as per Police investigation Gidwani was in Canada since January 2. It is expected that the offenders pretended to mislead the woman’s statement.

Though 3 accused – Sumit Bajaj, Naseer and Ruman Khan have arrested by police on Howrah station while on ways to leave the State. The police are investigating other 2 accused.

The police officers who mocked the victim are taken under the charges and strict actions would be taken against them.

There is a big fact of humanization over the Mamata Banerjee government which called victim a Rubbish. Govt. should say sorry to victim, but no comment of apology for victimizing the victim has yet taken out by govt. after all doubts on victim’s credibility is now cleared.

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