Maoists to release abducted Alex Paul Menon today

Alex Paul Menon 296x300 Maoists to release abducted Alex Paul Menon todayFinally passing two weeks of Maoist hostage, kidnapped IAS officer Sukma collector Alex Paul Menon is now set to be released on Thursday.

Chhattisgarh state govt. source said, on Thursday early morning, a state government chopper with mediators G. Hargopal and B.D. Sharma left Raipur for Tarmetla.

It has been said that as per Maoist specified condition, district collector Menon is scheduled to release in Tarmetla, around 500 km from Raipur. It is the same place where 76 paramilitary personnel in April 2010 had been killed by rebels.

Such decision came out on Wednesday after a joint agreement signed by the Maoist and government mediators to set up a committee headed by Nirmala Buch to review all cases of all prisoners in Chhattisgarh jails. These are also included those for whom Maoist has demanded.

The rebels said in a message via media, Menon, in their captivity since April 21, would be handed over to Maoist mediators G Hargopal and BD Sharma in the presence of people at Tarmetla.

Asking about hopes in Menon’s release report, Hargopal expressed positively and told reporters that the state would surely act on its assurances soon after Menon’s release.

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