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Golden Globes: Daniel Day Lewis, Jessica Chastain wins best actor and actress and Ben Affleck best Director

Golden Globes award has been announced on Monday and the best director award was given to ‘Ben Affleck’ for directing hostage-drama ‘Argo’. Read more

Pop singer Whitney Houston died from drowning

Whitney Houston 300x241 Pop singer Whitney Houston died from drowningA fresh report revealed the cause of death of Whitney Houston, a famous pop singer honoured with Grammy award that she died by slipping under the water of the bathtub of a Beverly Hills hotel room after taking cocaine which caused a heart attack.

Talking to media on such report, Ed Winter deputy chief of coroner investigations said, “She may have had a heart attack. She had cocaine in her body when she died.”

Houston was just 48 years old and her death described as an “accidental heart attack” caused of “drowning” due to usage of complicated cocaine, while during investigators on the spot no traces of cocaine was found. Read more

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